Friday, June 14, 2013

Feeling Overwhelmed...

Please someone tell me this is temporary.

I am feeling SO OVERWHELMED. And a little jealous of my friends whose kids are at an "easier" stage (which I realize doesn't really exist but it LOOKS easier to ME!).

First of all, I totally realize that approximately 75% of this feeling is related to the fact that hubs has been out of town for a week now. (only two more sleeps!!!!!)

I thought we were in a stage where the kids would play well when put in an environment with a playground and other kids that they know. Not true. Not true.

This morning we went to CFA. Our favorite playground. With some of our favorite people plus new, fun people.

And my three kids climbed all over ME instead of the playground. For two plus hours. And screamed whenever the stupid CFA cow came within 75 feet of them. Like high pitched deafening squeals of fright.

Then we came home and guess what they are doing? Fighting. Screaming. Hitting. Biting. Occasionally actually playing nicely, but that is the exception.

I guess we are ALL tired and ready for Daddy to come home.

Please please someone tell me this will get better when Drew comes home. I cannot take much more.

I feel overwhelmed by everything. Housework. Sewing. Sleep (cannot seem to do it well without D here).

Two more sleeps.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Testing out mobile app

Waiting to pick up boy from school. So I thought I would test out this mobile app!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here we go again....

I have been remiss with this whole blogging thing.
I'll quickly admit that. 
What's been going on? Well, life, really. 
Kids are growing. Drew is working. Even I am working some- I have started actually selling the things I sew! Exciting! 
A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted a new purse so I whipped one up. It's quite cute and when I posted pics on FB and IG (@MehtaFive), I had people show interest in buying purses! Now I have 3 different designs that I do and I customize it with the clients taste in mind when I buy fabric. I am even getting a little bit of traffic on my etsy shop!
Needless to say, I am realllllly enjoying it! I even made a facebook page! Here it is! Check it out for pics of my recent creations! 
Maybe I will really get into this blogging thing...I would love to post tutorials and chat about sewing and life and such. I have a few ideas. Anyone interested?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

busy busy

Lately we've been busy. Isn't that what I always say?
     Ari started preschool last month. He is currently going three days a week but we are considering upping it to 4 days. It's only mornings and we really want him to be prepared for kindergarden next year. His teacher seems to think it would be better for him to be there more. The cost is only minimally different so it's not that big of a deal except that I really really like having him home. The girlies and I miss him when he's at school. He does seem to love school and he particularly loves being in school with his BFF Isaac.
First day of school
     Girlies also had a milestone last month. Potty training. Ugh. I HATE potty training. Even when it is going well, I feel on edge, just waiting for the next poopy panty incident. The wet accidents don't bother me nearly so much. Truthfully, the girls have done really well and I am very proud of them. We're just trying to get the hang of it. They are so proud of their big girl "kanties" as Ev calls them.
     Drew is always busy at work. They recently hired a new designer, Spencer, who is doing a great job. And yet Drew is still super busy! I guess that is good though. I know how Drew HATES to be bored!
Anyone want to come for class?
        I've been keeping busy keeping up with everyone else! Also, I have been sewing whenever i get the chance! I am hand quilting a queen sized quilt (wouldn't Grandmother be proud?) and also working on the instructions for my upcoming wristlet class. Oh, and trying to get ahead of the curve with all of the baby and Christmas gifts I need to make!
    So, that's OUR life. I am wanting to get into blogging more often. Maybe I'll post pics next week from our upcoming trip to Ellijay for apple picking with our lovely friends Doug and Naomi!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My beloved Granddaddy passed away last Saturday night. I have known for a while that this was coming. He was ninety so it's not like it was a huge surprising shock. And yet, it was.

He lived on his own until about nine months ago when he was no longer able to walk. My Aunt Lynda moved him into her home with her new hubby, Dave, and they took excellent care of him.

And I know a lot about caregivers. As a hospice nurse, I have seen the whole spectrum of caregiver from abusive to excellent. Lynda and Dave are the cream of the crop. They allowed him to live with dignity. They gave him his privacy when he needed it but also gave him great company. They had great attitudes and also provided excellent physical care. I am absolutely in awe of their love, strength, and compassion.

Thanks to my kind and generous sister, Angie, I was able to be in Memphis when Granddaddy died. I cannot thank her enough for this gift that she gave me.

I flew in on Friday morning and spent Friday night with him in the hospital. I would have stayed Saturday night but Granddaddy died.

My sister, Jo, was there with me. She had been playing guitar and singing, filling the room with her beautiful voice (not too loud though!) for about forty five minutes when i noticed Granddaddy's breathing had begun to change.

I watched him for a few minutes and then asked Jo if she thought I should call the family in. As soon as she said yes and we started to call the family, my granddaddy took just a few more breaths and then passed peacefully away. It was just the two of us and I will admit that even though I knew what was happening, I pretty much freaked out. I called the nurse and demanded that someone come immediately. Meanwhile Jo ran out in the hall to get someone in there.

He was still taking shallow agonal breaths at this point. When Jo got back, we started singing to Granddaddy. We sang hymns that remind us of him and of my sweet Grandmother who passed away nearly ten years ago. Blessed be the Tie that Binds and God be With You 'til We Meet Again.

I have felt so guilty for not noticing the breathing changes in time to call the family in. I have attended many many deaths. How did I not notice? It seems as though he went from the status quo he had been for the past 24 hours to gone in fifteen or twenty minutes. But I know that it happened as it was supposed to. And yet, I still feel guilty.

I know that my Granddaddy is in heaven with Jesus and with his beloved wife and many many family and friends who have gone before him. I take comfort in the fact that I will get to see him again.

This song has been playing in my head since Saturday night. It was the parting hymn sung in his church for many years.

God be with you till we meet again;
By His counsels guide, uphold you,
With His sheep securely fold you;
God be with you till we meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy but bored?

Lately we've been busy.
Busy doing laundry, busy getting stomach viruses (boo!), busy running errands, just busy busy busy.
And yet I often feel bored out of my brain. I mean it. sometimes, being a stay at home mom can be mind numbingly boring.
I LOVE my children and being home with them but where's the stretch, the drive to grow and learn as an adult? Where's the adult interaction that is not punctuated by children fighting, pooping in their pants, or generally causing chaos?
But i know that I REALLY want to be here. I really want to be PRESENT with my kids. And all too often i find myself checking out mentally.
I've been reading a lot of encouraging blogs here lately and wanted to post a few links to post that have been/are helpful to me....actually, the ones i want to link are all from the same site, look it up, this woman is awesome and ever so encouraging.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thanking God for Naptime

Here is how my day has gone so far...
Wake up. Get girls up (Ari wakes up EARLY and plays quietly). Breakfast.
All going well so far....
Then girls start fighting. They go about 10 rounds before 10 AM so I decide it's time to get out of the house- change of scene and all that.
Plan to go to CFA and then to park.
Here's where it gets interesting:

  • in drive through at CFA- notice car is apparently smoking. ugh. panic.
  • call husband. cannot get him- he's out of town anyways. Scare him by sending text that says "Call me. Stat."
  • Tell cashier at window that I am going to come in to get my stuff since my car is messing up. I am sure she thinks i am crazy. 
  • Park. Look under hood. 
  • Discover that radiator cap is off an apparently missing. Some genius (ME) refilled the radiator Thursday and left the cap off.
  • Talk to husband who is a bit scared by my text. Finally find radiator cap which is on battery where I left it. Thank you God for keeping it there!
  • Call friend who was supposed to meet at park, redirect her to CFA. 
  • The CFA people definitely ALL think I am crazy when i come in with two barefoot, screaming children and one surprisingly well behaved boy.
  • Donna arrives with her two in tow (one of which spent the better part of last night in ER with concussion)
  • All goes well for a while.
  • Almost time to go so craziness must happen. I go to get water for radiator in CFA cups. 
  • Set water on table, Evie grabs it and pours it over her head. Hilarious to me and DJ but not so much to her. 
  • While we are trying to clean up water spill, Isaac (Dj's kid), pees his pants.
  • We head out to car. Isaac has to pee again so he pulls down his pants in middle of parking lot. 
  • Get screaming girls in car and Ari needs to pee. 
  • LEt him pee in cup which naturally means splatter gets all over him and me. yum.
  • I spill my Cherry Coke (minor detail but I WAS looking forward to that!)
  • Refill radiator since water escaped as steam when cap was off.
  • After all of this I am still crazy enough to go to the store.
  • Go to dollar store and get toys for kids. They love them so much that girls scream when I have to take them for scanning.
  • Go to Walmart and have to wrangle both girls to get them into store. Screaming ensues.
  • Evie screams throughout store and into parking lot. 
  • Evie loses shoe in parking lot and more vociferous screaming ensues.
  • Screaming continues halfway home.
  • Finally home. Almost ready for nap time! 
  • Diaper changes and finally, it's here NAPTIME!!!!
THIS is why I am thanking God for nap time today! He provides rest for a weary mommy just in time to prevent utter insanity. He knows us and our needs so well. Sometimes I need an extra crazy day to remember who's I am and who is providing for my needs! Thank you God for loving us so much!